Version: 08-05-2017 Terms of service


Service Provider - a company under the name Craft Hunt 24, using the tax indication number (NIP) 719-150-83-15 and the REGON number 200869482.

Service - a web service which belongs to Craft Hunt 24, under which the Service Provider provides the Services. The service is available on the internet at the

Client - a legal person, an organizational unit not having legal personality, and a natural person running a business using the Services provided by the Service Provider in connection with business activities as well as an entity acting on behalf of the Client and on his behalf or for the Client, but in Own name.

Registration - creating employer's account by the Client after prior acceptance by the Client of the Regulations.

Registration form - a form to be filled in by the Customer at the time of registration on the Website. Its fulfillment and acceptance of the terms of service are necessary to create an Employer Account.

Employer Account - a customer account is available at, is for viewing accounts of employees who are interested in making direct contact with Employers.

Services - means all services provided electronically by the Service Provider to the Client based on these terms of service. Prices of individual services are available at

Service Agreement - an agreement of electronically supplied services is concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer upon registration at the Service.

Order - an agreement concluded in the form of an individually filled-in Online Form for purchase of points approved by a person authorized to represent the Client using a personalized login and password to the Employer's Account.

Online Form - The form is available at www.crafthunt24, in Employer Account in the Get more points tab for ordering point packages.

Company Profile - functionality in the Client Account, allowing for him to create a business card and include company contact data

Commercial information - Any information intended to directly or indirectly promote the goods, services or image of the trader, excluding information enabling communication by means of electronic communication with a specific person and information on goods and services not resulting in the commercial effect desired by the trader.

IT system - a team of interoperable information and software devices, providing processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunication networks by means of a type of network appropriate for the type of terminal in the meaning of the Telecommunications Law.

Provision of the service by electronic means - execution of the service, which is performed by sending and receiving data via tele informatic systems, at the individual request of the service recipient, without simultaneous presence of the parties, the data being transmitted via public networks within the meaning of the Telecommunications Law.

Electronic communications means - technical solutions, including ICT equipment and their associated programming tools, which enable individual distance communication using data transmission between information and communication systems, and in particular electronic mail.

Cookies - text files in which the Service Provider's servers store information on the hard drive of the computer the Customer uses. The information stored in the "cookie" file can be read by the Service Provider's server when re-connected to this computer, but may also be read by other servers or other Internet users. For details on "cookies", see "Cookies Policy", available at:

IP Address - an individual number which contains every computer connected to the network. The IP number may be fixed for the computer (static) or it may be allocated during each call (dynamic) or it may be periodically changed by the Internet Service Provider for the User or the Client.

Regulations - these Regulations.


These Regulations specify: Customer's rights and obligations related to the provision of the Services by electronic means, The rules of selling paid services to the Customer, The rules of policy for the exclusion of the Service Provider from the provision of Services by electronic means. The Service Provider in the Service Provider's Website shall make available to the Customer free of charge the Terms and Conditions before entering into the Service Agreement. The Client is not bound by these Terms of Use, which are not made available as described above. The Service Provider shall provide the Services electronically in accordance with the Regulations. The customer is obliged to observe the provisions of the Regulations from the moment of its acceptance.


An agreement for the provision of services by electronic means is concluded by the Customer upon the correct creation of the Account of the Employer in the Service Provider's Website. To create an Employer Account on the Website, the Client is obliged to: Properly fill in the Registration Form (including all required fields) and provide real company data, Accept the Rules by unchecking the appropriate selection button on the Registration Form Customer who uses the Services at the same time declares that: The company information provided and the e-mail address on the Registration Form are complete, factual and do not infringe upon any third party rights, Is authorized to enter into an electronic service contract on behalf of the represented company, I accept the Terms of Service, that is, he acquainted with its content and undertakes to abide by it. The Service Provider, upon receipt of a properly completed Registration Form and upon activation of the Account by the Customer, shall create for him within the Service a unique Employer Account, named as the Customer's e-mail address. The Service Provider has the right to verify the data provided during the Registration by the Customer. The Service Provider may refuse to create an Employer Account, lock or delete an existing Account if: The data given during the Registration are inaccurate, inaccurate, have reasonable doubts as to their reliability and reliability, or are incompatible with the Terms and Conditions. Its name is already used in the Service Provider's Website. It is not possible to create a second account with the same email address. Accounts with the same name and being Accounts of the same company may be merged by the Merchant. The Service Provider will provide reasonable, plausible information that the information provided by the Customer is against the law, good morals, false or misleading customer or other customer; Customer violates personal good; The customer violates the legitimate interests of the Service Provider. In the event of occurrence of the indicated circumstances, the Service Provider may also properly block the Services rendered to the Customer. The customer accepts a need to have a current, active email address. This address is provided in the Form. The customer is obliged to monitor the e-mail address provided on an ongoing basis and if so, to immediately notify the Service Provider of this fact. E-mail address is associated to the Employer's Account, it is a necessary form of customer identification with the Service Provider and will be used for all correspondence related to the provision of the Services. The Customer accesses the Employer Account using his email address and password. The Client is obliged not to disclose any password to any Employer Account to any third party and is solely responsible for any damages resulting from its disclosure. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.


The technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the IT system used by the Client are as follows: Connection to the Internet, A web browser for displaying HTML documents on your computer screen. The browser should accept "cookies". In the case of Services available on mobile devices, the condition of having them is to have the proper type of mobile device with Internet access and a functioning web browser. The Service Provider warns that the use of the Services may entail a standard risk associated with the use of the Internet and recommends that the Customer take the appropriate steps to minimize the risks. Services provided by the Service Provider to the Customer in the Service are divided into Free Services and Paid Services. Each time before using the paid service, the Customer will be informed of payment terms and the Service Price expressed in the number of points to be collected from the previously purchased Points Pack. Use of paid services by the Customer is voluntary. The cost of paid services is available on The service provider is not an Internet service provider. In order to use the Services, the Customer shall personally access the computer station or terminal equipment through which it is possible to use the Services through the Service.


The Service Provider undertakes to provide continuous and uninterrupted provision of the Services. The Service Provider reserves the right to: Interruption of service provision due to maintenance or modification of the Service Provider's Website; Sending to Customer's e-mail technical, legal and transactional messages related to the operation of the Services; Verification of the correctness of the Customer's registration data given during the establishment of the Employer's Account. In the case of providing registration data not in accordance with the actual situation, the Service Provider reserves the right to remove the Employer Account without notifying the Customer; Any modification of the Services provided, tools and manner of operation of the Service; Remove from the Service content provided by the Customer through the Services, if the content violates the provisions of these Regulations; To cease providing the Services, remove any data of the Client and take any other lawful activities related to the Service for which the Customer will not be entitled to any claims against the Service Provider. The Service Provider responds to Customer's instructions as set out in these Regulations within 24 hours of receipt. If the disposition is issued on a public holiday, the response will be made no later than the end of the first working day following. The Service Provider is obliged to provide all possible assistance to the Customer in the event of any problems with using the Services.


Customer using the Services may not: Use the Services in a way that is against the law, good morals, infringing the personal rights of third parties, or the legitimate interests of the Service Provider.


In order to use the Services paid in the Service, the Customer is obliged to purchase the Point Package by submitting the Order by the Online Form. You can only place a Purchase Order for a customer who has an active Employer Account on the Website. Place an for the purchase of points by the Customer in the Service takes place when filling in the Online Form in the Account Menu, available in the Employer Account after logging in. An Order that has been paid for is effectively submitted. Ordering to buy points starts immediately after successful payment by the customer on the transaction service. Immediately when transaction service received the payment or after acknowledging the Provider's account with the amount of the Order, the Package of Points ordered by the Client will be delivered to the Customer on the Website and the number of available points presented in the Employer's Account will be increased by the purchased Point Package. The Point Package purchased by the Customer allows you to use the various Payments Services, which the Customer chooses and parameterized according to his own needs. After selecting the appropriate Paid Services and accepting this selection, the appropriate number of points will be taken from the number of points available for the selected Paid Service. In the event that the number of points held by the Client is insufficient to carry out the selected Paid Service, the Customer's chosen Paid Service will not be executed and the Customer will be asked to recharge his Account with a Point Package and then re-select Paid Services. The Customer is solely responsible for any unauthorized third party access and password access to the Employer's Account and consequential damages, in particular in the form of Service Orders and payments.


For paid services in the Payment Service, you buy out Point Package. Payments for the purchase of Points Packages available on the Customer Service are available through bank transfer. Upon the payment for the selected Point Package , the sales contract is considered as concluded. The point of payment for the ordered point package is the time when the receipt of the payment is received through the transaction service or the account of the Service Provider with the amount of the Service. The buyer is obliged to pay the final price, which is the result of the purchase price of point packages. The customer who purchases the Point Package agrees to issue the invoice by electronic means by accepting these Terms and Conditions. The invoice for the purchased points package will be issued to the data provided by the customer within 7 business days of receiving payment for the purchase of the Points package. It will be forwarded to the Customer electronically, to the e-mail address given at the registration. All prices quoted on the Service are net prices to which VAT will be added in the amount of the applicable law, unless the Customer chooses the Service to be exempt from such tax under separate regulations. Prices quoted in the Service, as well as descriptions of the Services, are only commercial information and not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The Customer submitting a Purchase Order for the Point Package in the Service shall submit a purchase offer for a specific Package of Points for the price and the features described in its description on the Website. The price and description of the Package of Points binding nature - for the purpose of concluding a particular sale contract - will only be gained once the acceptance of the Order for implementation by the Service Provider has been confirmed. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the free of charge Services or to change the fees for the Services. In the event of a change of the nature of the Service from a fee-free or change of service charges, the Service Provider shall notify the Customer of this fact by e-mail. The Customer is not obliged to continue to use the Services, whose nature has changed from free to paid or whose price has changed, but which does not constitute a basis for reimbursing the costs incurred for the Services used. The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce temporary promotions for services, valid for an appeal or a fixed term. The terms of the promotion will be communicated to the Client via messages in the Employer's Account or by email. The Service Provider does not provide reimbursement of expenses on the Service if the purchase transaction was successful. Prices quoted on the Website are valid until it will be changed. The Service Provider reserves the right to post information about new Services, conduct and cancel promotional actions on the Website, or to make changes thereto. The authority referred to in the preceding sentence shall not affect the Contracts made prior to the date of entry into force of the price change or the terms of the promotional actions.


Customers have the right to complain about issues related to the implementation of the Services. Complaints are considered by the Service Provider. A properly submitted complaint should contain at least the following information: Customer's designation (company name, business NIP number, e-mail address, applicant's name and surname), Indication of the Service to which the complaint refers, Object of complaint, Circumstances justifying the complaint. Complaints without the above will not be considered. Complaints should be submitted to the following e-mail address: The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that complaints are processed within 14 days of receipt from the Customer at the latest. Your decision will be notified immediately by email to the address given in the complaint. Complaints dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations are not subject to further consideration or reconsideration. In the case of a payment transfer complaint, the complaint will be handled after receiving information from the financial institution or transaction service that has been used by the Customer to perform the payment.


Service providers who has received official notices or reliable information about the unlawful nature of the data provided by the Customer and have prevented the Customer from accessing such data shall not be liable to the Customer for any resulting damage. The Service Provider shall not be liable to the Customer for breach of the Terms of Service for any damages resulting from termination of service, including due to removal of the Employer's Account in violation of these Terms. The Service Provider is also not responsible for: Any harm to any third party arising out of your use of the Services in a manner inconsistent with the Terms or the law; Customer's loss of data due to external factors (eg hardware failure) or other circumstances beyond the control of the Service Provider (third party action); Damages resulting from a lack of continuity in the provision of the Services resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the Service Provider (force majeure, acts or omissions of third parties, etc.); Damage caused by the Customer's access or use of a login and password to access the Service; Your failure to provide false or incomplete data or information, including giving them when creating your Account; Failure by the customer to comply with the Terms and Conditions.


Every client has the right to protect privacy by the Service Provider. Privacy Policy is available on the Service Provider's Website. Administrator of personal data which are provided by the Customer through Craft Hunt 24, REGON 20086948 number, with tax identification number (NIP) 719-150-83-15. The administrator of personal data is responsible for securing them in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data of the Client (natural persons working at the Client and using the portal and one-person business entities) are processed to provide the Services referred to in the Regulations. The data subject has the right to access and correct their data. Data submission is mandatory in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182) and necessary for the performance of the contract. Every customer who assumes the account authorizes the processing of data by Craft Hunt 24 to implement the service. The customer has been informed that the data is voluntary but necessary to use The Client may at any time write a written objection to further processing. The personal data controller may entrust the processing of personal data to another entity by way of an agreement in writing pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182). The Service Provider processes Customer personal data which is necessary to establish, modify, terminate or terminate the Service Provider Agreement, and only for the proper performance of the Services set out in these Terms and Conditions in accordance with the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (Dz. U. of 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended). Personal data of the Customer are processed in accordance with the security rules required by the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182). The Service Provider shall in each case determine the data that is necessary to provide the Service by electronic means. The Service Provider may process the following personal information, which may vary according to the type of service provided: name and surname, e-mail address, landline and mobile phone numbers, place of residence, job experience, certificates and attachments, correspondence address, if it’s different from the address of residence, contact address in social networking sites (eg, in the case of Services involving the release of personal data of the Client to Craft Hunt 24 partners. Personal data of the Customer may be used by the Service Provider for the purpose of electronic transmission of commercial information from the Service Provider or third parties only after the Customer expressly agrees to such use. The Service Provider isn’t responsible for any acts of any third party relating to the content or scope of the Customer's personal data and consequential damages to the Customer.


Contract of an electronic service may be terminated by either party. The Customer shall has the right to terminate the Service Agreement electronically by deleting the Employer Account. For this purpose, the Customer should send an email to with the request to liquidate the Account. The Service Provider has the right to terminate the Service Agreement by electronic means, including the deletion of the Employer Account in the following cases: If the name used to create an Employer Account is already used on the Website; Breach by the Customer of the relevant provisions of the Terms; The Service Provider's reasonable, reliable information that the name of the Account is against the law, good morals, violates the personal rights of third parties, or the legitimate interests of the Service Provider; Placing Customer's content in violation of applicable law; Use of the Service by the Customer contrary to its purpose; Removal by the Client of the email address used to create the Account. Termination of the contract The Service Provider will inform the Client (if technically possible) within 3 days of termination. The Service Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide the Services to the Customer, including the deletion of his / her Account, if it was established once again after the deletion of the Employer's Account resulting from violation of the Terms.


In the event of a change in the concept of any of the Services or for other important causes, the Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Regulations come into force as of the date of publication of the amended Terms and Conditions in the Service Provider's Websites. Regarding the amendment of the Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider may additionally notify the Customer by publishing the relevant information on the Service Provider's website or by email. In the case referred to in point 2 of this chapter, the Customer has the right to terminate the service contract by electronic means immediately upon receiving information on the amendment of the Regulations. If this is not done, it is assumed that the customer has accepted the revised Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions of Service and Electronic Services Agreement are governed by Polish law. Any disputes arising under the Rules will be settled by the Polish common court competent for the seat of Craft Hunt 24 In matters not regulated in the Regulations, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Law on the protection of personal data, the Civil Code and other mandatory provisions of the law apply.