Send email

Choose this option to send real-time message directly to candidate's recently verified email address. Your company name is going to be automatically added but remember to write your contact details so that candidate could reply you directly. It is our goal to provide direct communication between you and the candidate.

Send sms

Choose this option to send real-time SMS directly to candidate's recently verified phone number. Remember to give your contact phone number together with country code so that candidate could call you back. There is a limitation up to 300 characters and special signs are not allowed.

Update profile

Choose this option when already given profile information are not sufficient for you or they need to be updated. You are more than welcome to highlight information you are interested the most and we will put focus on this.
Remember those information can be updated anytime during contact with candidate: phone numbers together with its ready to answer time, location, recent job, earnings and benefits and expectations.

Verify language

Choose this option to let us know which candidate language skills you would like us to verify. Remember, language skills are set by our team basing on candidates declaration only and some of them could not be audited yet. Our verifications are carried out in selected language by phone conversation. You can find language scale description below.

Hide from the others

Choose this option to send us a request to hide selected candidate from other companies and keep it visible only for you. This action will effect automatically and mean that you have contacted particular candidate, your terms and conditions has been accepted and is about to become your employee. We are providing you a free of charge double verification of this fact by calling this candidate within next 24 hours.
We will let you know when we find something suspicious which might cause you troubles. Remember, let us know when candidate lied you, we will mark his/her profile with "yellow card" or we will remove it from our portal if this situation happened again.

Meaning of icons and other ui elements


When you see this icon be sure your candidate has own car which can be used for commuting.


This icon indicates candidate's colleagues whom he prefers to work with. When you select this icon you can see full group at once.
Remember, usually groups can be split when necessary.

Last contact

Period of time since last contact with candidate.


Up-to-date candidate location obtained during last contact.
Remember, by single click you can easily see it on Google maps.

Language scale description

Beginner: very basic knowledge of the language, it is limited to understanding simple instructions but not able to answer.
Elementary: understand simple sentence and can answer by single words. Contact by phone with such person could be difficult.
Intermediate: good language skills, such person can communicate by phone.
Advanced: speaks fluently.
Remember, If you face some communication problem with candidate we are always more than pleased to help you – use option "Ask to update profile"

My note

You can store here your private notes about candidate. This note is visible only for you.


Number of your points which can be used for action. Some actions are free of charge but some costs you a certain number of points.
Remember, you can ask for more points by clicking Account / Get more points


You can find here candidate rating given by ch24 employers and others portal users. Rating is divided into two categories: experience and personality.
Ratings are available after revealing candidates information